Soil Test Reading by John Perry


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The Soil Test* Reading by John Perry - John Perry will read your submitted soil test report from a lab (one-time reading) and suggest a plan by email communication containing a direct link to a custom video explaining the test and plan provided. The plan will span two seasons and include recommendations and products; products will be a combo of locally available and online available.  


Upload the soil test lab report information during the purchase/check-out process on the Lawncology shop. 

  • Soil Lab Report readable formats include: PDF, JPG, PNG, Word, Excel and/or screenshot of the report only. (Do not send a link to the report.)

  • Soil Reading Notes: Please include the following for your best soil report reading:  1) What products have been applied this year? 2) How close to this test was fertilizer applied? 3) Are there any particular problem areas that need to be addressed apart from the rest of the lawn? 4) Are you currently using any products from Greene County Fertilizer Company?

Time Frame:  Please allow up to minimum 5-7 days M-F (does not include Saturdays/Sundays) for your recommendations via email. If you do not receive an email, please check your junk mail folder or contact us for further assistance.

*Note: Customer purchases soil lab test separately from a lab.  


=> Spectrum Analytic Inc.   (Washington Court House, OH 43160)

=> Ward Laboratories Inc.    (Kearney, NE 68847)



Outlook/Hotmail/MSN Email accounts can experience delays and bounce-backs and non-delivered email messages and/or delayed delivery up to a few hours.  For best communications results, please provide an alternate email address in lieu of an @outlook or a @hotmail or @msn email address for your best soil test report feedback and communications. 

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